How Much Money Should You Bring To Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas for a vacation is going to be pricey. One, most accommodation would all be in a hotel and that can be expensive especially if you opt for ones that are highly rated. The amount of money you take is going to depend also on the number of days you plan on staying and the activities that you plan to do there. So regardless of how much money you are going to prepare for the trip, you will also have to consider the things you’re going to do there. So here is my personal budgetary allowance when visiting Las Vegas.

What to Prepare and Expect

There is not one single amount that Las Vegas requires you to bring when you visit. It is all going to depend on the activities you plan to do when you get there. Vegas has a lot of tourist attraction so a safe bet would be to over prepare. And here’s how.

Minimum Daily Budget

Anywhere you go on vacation, it is expected that you are going to be spending money. Before even getting the plane ticket, it is best to set a maximum budget that you plan to spend on each day. This way, you will have some sort of control when it comes to spending and you have an idea of how much money you will have to prepare even before you begin the journey.

Bring Cash

Though the world is becoming a more and more cashless place, you can’t avoid spending cash. Whether if it’s getting a cab from the airport to the hotel or buying souvenirs along the Strip, make sure you always have a few bucks of cash with you at all times even if you plan on paying for major purchases using credit or debit cards. And bring one even before landing on Las Vegas. This will avoid having to look for an ATM in a place you’re unfamiliar with.

Don’t Forget Your Credit Card

It is a given that on vacation trips you need to bring your credit card. I would even recommend paying for big purchases like hotel rooms and casinos using a credit card. It saves a lot of time and you can track your spending accurately. It doesn’t require money in your bank account so if it falls on the wrong hands, it is very easy to block it and get a replacement. Casinos in Las Vegas also recommend payment through the card and they have very reliable and efficient systems to make the transaction fast and easy.

Plan for Big Spending

It is hard to predict what kind of spending you might incur when you get to Las Vegas. It has many hotels, restaurants, casinos, shows, and stores for visitors to spend money on. But even before you get to the city, plan the activities you intend to do so you get an idea of how much money you’ll need. This will be added on top of your necessary spendings like food and hotel.

How to Get Kicked Out of a Casino

In all my years of playing cards and going to casinos to gamble, I have never ever experienced being thrown out in one. And I don’t plan to. Going to casinos is my stress relief and if I get kicked out because of some asinine shenanigans I pull, that is it for my gaming days. So I try to really behave when I’m in casinos. I pace myself with my drinks, I am cordial to people at my table and to the staff. But I always wondered what it takes to get kicked out in one of these establishments. So I went online to investigate and I wasn’t too far off with my assumptions.

Five Different Ways of Getting Kicked out of a Casino

As I researched these, it’s come to my attention that a lot of these things are pretty obvious. If you want to avoid getting thrown out, one simply has to act accordingly, like any sane person in a public place.


Of course, cheating would be at the top of my list. There is absolutely no casino in the world that will tolerate cheating and its many forms. A few Hollywood movies have glamorized the idea of beating the house and getting a hefty price but it’s pretty darn hard to accomplish this. Major casinos have many employees whose sole purpose is to look out for cheaters at tables. An arsenal of cameras is also scattered around the room and continuously monitored to make sure everyone is playing fair.

Throwing Insults

I have seen my fair share of people who have lost who could not contain their emotions and directed their anger at other players or the casino’s staff. Let me tell you that will lead you to being booted out of the building and banned from every coming back. Staff understands that this is always a possible scenario so before it escalates, offenders are given sufficient warning that such behavior and language will not be tolerated before they take a more drastic action.

Getting too Drunk

A casino is nothing without alcohol. In fact, the house makes a huge profit out of liquor that they serve their players. But players should be responsible enough to monitor their alcohol intake. I have seen many drunks falling over seats, having a shouting match with other players, or being very disruptive and they always end up the same, kicked out and sometimes with a police escort.

Winning Too Much

Yes, casinos can become very wary of players who win way too much. While they would not bother anyone who wins here and there, but if they notice that your winning streak is getting out of hand, they will ask you to leave, and they are allowed to. Even if you are not cheating, the house can become suspicious and will take action to prevent any loss on their part.

Out of Character Play

I know for a fact that the house scrutinizes every table and every player inside their establishment and if they notice an unusual play, they will step in and intervene. This might involve a player betting only a few dollars to suddenly betting thousands of bucks. They will think you might be cheating or using a system to beat them and will, therefore, ask you to leave.

The Best Las Vegas Hotels

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas is casinos, specifically hotel-casinos. They are everywhere scattered around the city but the best ones are located at The Strip. They range in size from mid-size to truly opulent establishments that many celebrities frequent when they visit Sin City. Some of these have become an unofficial landmark for Las Vegas and are big tourist attractions. The biggest ones are like a mini-city on their own with numerous restaurants and bars, several high-end brand stores, and let’s not forget what Vegas is known for around the world, the casinos.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas

The best accommodation in Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily have to be luxurious institutions only celebrities and the truly rich can afford to stay. Some of the great ones are 3-star hotels but they offer something fresh and exciting to their customers that the big chain hotels don’t.

MGM Grand

Truly a gem in the city’s crown, MGM Grand is considered to be world-famous. It sits right in the center of The Strip and attracts all kinds of customers to its doors, granted they can afford the hefty price tag. Gambling aficionados across the world stay at MGM Grand because of the casinos and their famous card tables. Celebrities and rich heirs and heiress of mega-corporations looking to blow off steam flock to the Grand for the poolside bar and lounge.

The Palazzo

Another one of the popular hotels in the city, the Palazzo is influenced by elegant Italian design elements. It is the tallest building in Nevada and offers a resort and casino. Customers wanting a truly spacious suite will love what the Palazzo offers. They have the largest rooms with each room being over 700 square feet. Within the lobby, they have a two-story fountain that greets guests as they enter. The entire hotel complex of the Palazzo is the second largest in the world.

Caesars Palace

A list of the best hotels in Las Vegas would not be complete without any mention of this truly iconic hotel. Caesars Palace is famous around the world ever since it opened its doors to guests. As the name implies, this luxury hotel aims to capture the opulence during the height of the great Roman Empire. The hotel is adorned with many columns, statues, and iconography common during the Roman period of history. Throughout its existence, countless world-famous artists and entertainers have performed within its halls; a few of them include Cher, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and Elton John.


And to top this list, I present the great Bellagio. Like many of the hotels in the Strip, the Bellagio is also inspired by Italian architecture and design. Its pièce de résistance is the truly awe-inspiring 8-acre lake with its huge dancing water feature that is set to music and light. The hotel also has a conservatory and botanical garden displaying lush foliage and animal life from around the world.

Las Vegas Restaurants

Like all major cities, Las Vegas also has its fair share of great restaurants. In my opinion, being a city that relies on their entertainment industry as a major source of income, they even have more of these amazing restaurants that people from all over the country would willingly travel for. Most of these restaurants offer a different menu than its contemporary. Some specialize in high-end cuisine while others are dishes from different parts of the world. This list will explore the best restaurants that the city of Las Vegas offers its patrons.

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

One great thing about the restaurants in Las Vegas is its diversity. The city can cater to all kinds of cravings and preference that visitors have. It doesn’t specialize in one kind of dish, it specializes in almost everything.


Well decorated with a great ambiance, Mizumi has been staying true to their mission of providing great Japanese style food and service to its customers. They offer world-class sushi and sashimi that people from all over America and the world would gladly fly to Las Vegas to try. They have a range of signature cocktails that go well with their dishes. For those willing to spend a little more for a great culinary experience, Mizumi is the right place.

Bardot Brasserie

Stepping inside the entryway at Bardot Brasserie, you’ll immediately feel that you’ve been transported into a Parisian establishment, forgetting that you are in the middle of the desert. Great attention to detail has been paid to make the interior exude an ambiance for a great dining experience. Personally, I love going at Bardot during breakfast. Sitting at the bar in the early morning light, sipping coffee while reading the newspaper is an experience on its own.


I went to Bouchon twice, once during a business lunch and again to grab dinner. Both times was a completely different experience. During the day, the restaurant is like any other restaurant. It serves great food, an impeccably drinks menu, and excellent service. A lot of business lunches have been had here. At night, it transforms into a completely different place, all soft lighting, encapsulating a romantic atmosphere. Couples on a romantic getaway to the Sin City flock here to experience an amazing dining experience. I especially love their wine selection that is clearly heavily influenced by a great sommelier.


I have never been to Nobu but I have heard of it. Almost all celebrities visiting Las Vegas is sure to stop by this world-renowned Japanese/Peruvian restaurant. The interior is all natural wood and uses natural materials. The light fixtures are eccentric yet complementary to the rest of the space. Like the cocktails they serve, the patrons are elegant and sophisticated, the who’s who of the business and entertainment industry. But be warned, all this opulence and network opportunities come with a hefty price. It’s normal for a single 4-course meal to cost $500 and above, and that’s not including tip.

Online Gambling Versus Traditional Gambling

This issue has been hotly debated ever since online gambling began operating. It seems to be a never-ending battle of which one is better than the other. I admit both have their own merits. I started playing real-life games in brick-and-mortar casinos but gradually transitioned to online ones because of convenience. I do still go on these land-based casinos every now and then but mostly I have just stuck to my online games. This article, I will try to explore the difference between traditional casinos and online casinos, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Land-Based vs. Online

Weather card, dice, or roulette games, they’re all played in both types. But some people claim there is a difference, whether in their chances of winning or the overall atmosphere.


There’s no denying that the equipment in each is going to be different. Most equipment that is used in traditional casinos is not there online, using instead computer programs with a bit of graphics to make it realistic. It’s easy to know how traditional casino equipment determines their outcomes, you can see them operating in person. The question lies in how online casinos determine their outcome. It all has to do with computers again. Online casinos employ the use of random number generators to shuffle cards, spin wheels, and roll dices. The outcomes are completely random and in fact are even more random than physical equipment because they don’t age with use.


One huge difference between traditional and online casinos is in their card games, specifically their dealers. And this is where people make their case against online casinos. No matter how realistic they try to make their tables look, it will never come close to how a real poker or blackjack game is. It is hard for a computer program to truly capture the atmosphere and excitement of a real game. But online casinos are fighting back. A few establishments are offering live games with real dealers that they stream from a studio. Although this seeming advantage for traditional casinos can also be their downfall. Human dealers are prone to mistakes, unlike infallible computers. Games played in online casinos also run a lot faster than traditional ones. There’s no need wasting time shuffling cards or dealing them with computers.


Traditional casinos might take pride in the atmosphere they offer but online casinos fight back with comfort. And I admit this is one big factor that won me over to online casinos. Being able to play in the comfort and privacy of my home is something traditional casinos haven’t figured out to how to provide to their customers. I must admit that I do miss the crowd and being able to interact with other players and the dealer but it is nothing compared to sitting at home, preparing good food I like, and sitting down to a poker game without any distraction. But this is my personal preference and I understand that other people use their time at these games to interact with others or to network, and that’s perfectly valid too.

Why Las Vegas is the Best Casino Place

For as long as I can remember, the city that I have wanted to visit the most has always been Las Vegas. I know the US has other interesting cities to offer with their own brand of tourist attraction and signature sites but for some reason, my top one has always been Sin City. I guess it has to do because I am such a fan of gambling. But besides that obvious fact, Las Vegas offers tourists other things too. They have a whole host of shows from the top performers in the showbiz industry. The Circ du Soleil is always a worthwhile experience. And their 5-star hotels aren’t just places to gamble, they are also world-class resorts too that everyone, gambler or not, will surely enjoy.

Las Vegas and its Casinos

But undeniably, Las Vegas for its casinos, and let’s face it, it has the best ones in the world. This is one reason why the city has become synonymous to gambling. Any serious gambler would consider this city a paradise.

Where all the Top Players Play

Because Las Vegas has such a high concentration of casinos, this means that competition is tough. This competitiveness pushes all other casinos to try to beat the competition by improving its services to attract more customers. This is great news for visitors. This means the city has a multitude of places they can choose to visit and expect only the very best services at a competitive price. This rule also follows to casinos. In order for players to continually fill their machines and tables, casinos need to always be thinking of tactics to attract them to their doors.

More than Just Casinos

Check any chick flick movies available and we are bound to come across a Las Vegas scene in one of them. The scene usually involves either a bachelorette party, someone getting over a breakup, or a weekend getaway. The city is not called Sin City for nothing. It’s where people go to let loose. Their 5-star hotels have great pools to anyone wanting to relax pool-side. These big hotels also hold major sports events like boxing. And a few of them boasts world-class spa services.

The Atmosphere is Simply Irresistible

My first trip to Las Vegas went like this. I car picked me up and dropped me off at Caesars Palace. I was greeted quite warmly by a receptionist after I took about a hundred pictures of the lobby. I spend that whole day in their casino, playing a few rounds of blackjack and roulette. Dinner was at a famous sushi bar then off to see Circ du Soliel. The next morning was spent poolside on my phone before I was back at the casino. Dinner was at another famous restaurant then off to see Celine Dione. That was pretty much how the rest of my stay went and I could not have been happier. I felt the luxury and opulence of the city anywhere I went and it was intoxicating. On my way home, I was already planning for my next trip back.