How to Get Kicked Out of a Casino

In all my years of playing cards and going to casinos to gamble, I have never ever experienced being thrown out in one. And I don’t plan to. Going to casinos is my stress relief and if I get kicked out because of some asinine shenanigans I pull, that is it for my gaming days. So I try to really behave when I’m in casinos. I pace myself with my drinks, I am cordial to people at my table and to the staff. But I always wondered what it takes to get kicked out in one of these establishments. So I went online to investigate and I wasn’t too far off with my assumptions.

Five Different Ways of Getting Kicked out of a Casino

As I researched these, it’s come to my attention that a lot of these things are pretty obvious. If you want to avoid getting thrown out, one simply has to act accordingly, like any sane person in a public place.


Of course, cheating would be at the top of my list. There is absolutely no casino in the world that will tolerate cheating and its many forms. A few Hollywood movies have glamorized the idea of beating the house and getting a hefty price but it’s pretty darn hard to accomplish this. Major casinos have many employees whose sole purpose is to look out for cheaters at tables. An arsenal of cameras is also scattered around the room and continuously monitored to make sure everyone is playing fair.

Throwing Insults

I have seen my fair share of people who have lost who could not contain their emotions and directed their anger at other players or the casino’s staff. Let me tell you that will lead you to being booted out of the building and banned from every coming back. Staff understands that this is always a possible scenario so before it escalates, offenders are given sufficient warning that such behavior and language will not be tolerated before they take a more drastic action.

Getting too Drunk

A casino is nothing without alcohol. In fact, the house makes a huge profit out of liquor that they serve their players. But players should be responsible enough to monitor their alcohol intake. I have seen many drunks falling over seats, having a shouting match with other players, or being very disruptive and they always end up the same, kicked out and sometimes with a police escort.

Winning Too Much

Yes, casinos can become very wary of players who win way too much. While they would not bother anyone who wins here and there, but if they notice that your winning streak is getting out of hand, they will ask you to leave, and they are allowed to. Even if you are not cheating, the house can become suspicious and will take action to prevent any loss on their part.

Out of Character Play

I know for a fact that the house scrutinizes every table and every player inside their establishment and if they notice an unusual play, they will step in and intervene. This might involve a player betting only a few dollars to suddenly betting thousands of bucks. They will think you might be cheating or using a system to beat them and will, therefore, ask you to leave.