Las Vegas Restaurants

Like all major cities, Las Vegas also has its fair share of great restaurants. In my opinion, being a city that relies on their entertainment industry as a major source of income, they even have more of these amazing restaurants that people from all over the country would willingly travel for. Most of these restaurants offer a different menu than its contemporary. Some specialize in high-end cuisine while others are dishes from different parts of the world. This list will explore the best restaurants that the city of Las Vegas offers its patrons.

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

One great thing about the restaurants in Las Vegas is its diversity. The city can cater to all kinds of cravings and preference that visitors have. It doesn’t specialize in one kind of dish, it specializes in almost everything.


Well decorated with a great ambiance, Mizumi has been staying true to their mission of providing great Japanese style food and service to its customers. They offer world-class sushi and sashimi that people from all over America and the world would gladly fly to Las Vegas to try. They have a range of signature cocktails that go well with their dishes. For those willing to spend a little more for a great culinary experience, Mizumi is the right place.

Bardot Brasserie

Stepping inside the entryway at Bardot Brasserie, you’ll immediately feel that you’ve been transported into a Parisian establishment, forgetting that you are in the middle of the desert. Great attention to detail has been paid to make the interior exude an ambiance for a great dining experience. Personally, I love going at Bardot during breakfast. Sitting at the bar in the early morning light, sipping coffee while reading the newspaper is an experience on its own.


I went to Bouchon twice, once during a business lunch and again to grab dinner. Both times was a completely different experience. During the day, the restaurant is like any other restaurant. It serves great food, an impeccably drinks menu, and excellent service. A lot of business lunches have been had here. At night, it transforms into a completely different place, all soft lighting, encapsulating a romantic atmosphere. Couples on a romantic getaway to the Sin City flock here to experience an amazing dining experience. I especially love their wine selection that is clearly heavily influenced by a great sommelier.


I have never been to Nobu but I have heard of it. Almost all celebrities visiting Las Vegas is sure to stop by this world-renowned Japanese/Peruvian restaurant. The interior is all natural wood and uses natural materials. The light fixtures are eccentric yet complementary to the rest of the space. Like the cocktails they serve, the patrons are elegant and sophisticated, the who’s who of the business and entertainment industry. But be warned, all this opulence and network opportunities come with a hefty price. It’s normal for a single 4-course meal to cost $500 and above, and that’s not including tip.