Online Gambling Versus Traditional Gambling

This issue has been hotly debated ever since online gambling began operating. It seems to be a never-ending battle of which one is better than the other. I admit both have their own merits. I started playing real-life games in brick-and-mortar casinos but gradually transitioned to online ones because of convenience. I do still go on these land-based casinos every now and then but mostly I have just stuck to my online games. This article, I will try to explore the difference between traditional casinos and online casinos, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Land-Based vs. Online

Weather card, dice, or roulette games, they’re all played in both types. But some people claim there is a difference, whether in their chances of winning or the overall atmosphere.


There’s no denying that the equipment in each is going to be different. Most equipment that is used in traditional casinos is not there online, using instead computer programs with a bit of graphics to make it realistic. It’s easy to know how traditional casino equipment determines their outcomes, you can see them operating in person. The question lies in how online casinos determine their outcome. It all has to do with computers again. Online casinos employ the use of random number generators to shuffle cards, spin wheels, and roll dices. The outcomes are completely random and in fact are even more random than physical equipment because they don’t age with use.


One huge difference between traditional and online casinos is in their card games, specifically their dealers. And this is where people make their case against online casinos. No matter how realistic they try to make their tables look, it will never come close to how a real poker or blackjack game is. It is hard for a computer program to truly capture the atmosphere and excitement of a real game. But online casinos are fighting back. A few establishments are offering live games with real dealers that they stream from a studio. Although this seeming advantage for traditional casinos can also be their downfall. Human dealers are prone to mistakes, unlike infallible computers. Games played in online casinos also run a lot faster than traditional ones. There’s no need wasting time shuffling cards or dealing them with computers.


Traditional casinos might take pride in the atmosphere they offer but online casinos fight back with comfort. And I admit this is one big factor that won me over to online casinos. Being able to play in the comfort and privacy of my home is something traditional casinos haven’t figured out to how to provide to their customers. I must admit that I do miss the crowd and being able to interact with other players and the dealer but it is nothing compared to sitting at home, preparing good food I like, and sitting down to a poker game without any distraction. But this is my personal preference and I understand that other people use their time at these games to interact with others or to network, and that’s perfectly valid too.