The Best Las Vegas Hotels

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Las Vegas is casinos, specifically hotel-casinos. They are everywhere scattered around the city but the best ones are located at The Strip. They range in size from mid-size to truly opulent establishments that many celebrities frequent when they visit Sin City. Some of these have become an unofficial landmark for Las Vegas and are big tourist attractions. The biggest ones are like a mini-city on their own with numerous restaurants and bars, several high-end brand stores, and let’s not forget what Vegas is known for around the world, the casinos.

Best Hotels in Las Vegas

The best accommodation in Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily have to be luxurious institutions only celebrities and the truly rich can afford to stay. Some of the great ones are 3-star hotels but they offer something fresh and exciting to their customers that the big chain hotels don’t.

MGM Grand

Truly a gem in the city’s crown, MGM Grand is considered to be world-famous. It sits right in the center of The Strip and attracts all kinds of customers to its doors, granted they can afford the hefty price tag. Gambling aficionados across the world stay at MGM Grand because of the casinos and their famous card tables. Celebrities and rich heirs and heiress of mega-corporations looking to blow off steam flock to the Grand for the poolside bar and lounge.

The Palazzo

Another one of the popular hotels in the city, the Palazzo is influenced by elegant Italian design elements. It is the tallest building in Nevada and offers a resort and casino. Customers wanting a truly spacious suite will love what the Palazzo offers. They have the largest rooms with each room being over 700 square feet. Within the lobby, they have a two-story fountain that greets guests as they enter. The entire hotel complex of the Palazzo is the second largest in the world.

Caesars Palace

A list of the best hotels in Las Vegas would not be complete without any mention of this truly iconic hotel. Caesars Palace is famous around the world ever since it opened its doors to guests. As the name implies, this luxury hotel aims to capture the opulence during the height of the great Roman Empire. The hotel is adorned with many columns, statues, and iconography common during the Roman period of history. Throughout its existence, countless world-famous artists and entertainers have performed within its halls; a few of them include Cher, Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and Elton John.


And to top this list, I present the great Bellagio. Like many of the hotels in the Strip, the Bellagio is also inspired by Italian architecture and design. Its pièce de résistance is the truly awe-inspiring 8-acre lake with its huge dancing water feature that is set to music and light. The hotel also has a conservatory and botanical garden displaying lush foliage and animal life from around the world.